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The world being insupportable, any deviation will have revolutionary potential

It has emerged that the brains of three leading members of the violent revolutionary group, the Red Army Faction (RAF), including its co-founder, Andreas Baader, have disappeared after being preserved for scientific research.

The grisly revelation comes just days after the twin daughters of Ulrike Meinhof, the other RAF founder, finally won permission to have Meinhof's brain returned for burial.

Meinhof's brain was extracted after her alleged suicide in prison in 1976, but for years its whereabouts remained a mystery. Last month it was revealed that the brain had been secretly preserved in a Frankfurt laboratory.

The RAF, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang, began a campaign of political killings and kidnappings of senior business leaders in the early '70s aimed at overthrowing the German state which they called "Nazi capitalism."

Meinhof died of hanging in her cell in Stuttgart's Stammheim Prison on May 9, 1976; her comrades Baader, Ensslin and Raspe were found dead in their cells in Stammheim Prison on "Death Night," October 18, 1977.

The Red Army Faction cell block had been touted as the most secure in the world; the press was filled with anecdotes of lawyers questioned and searched for an hour or more before being admitted to visit clients. When it was announced that Baader and Raspe had shot themselves with guns smuggled into their cells and that Ensslin had hanged herself, the reasonable assumption was that the authorities assassinated them as well as Meinhof the year before.

Their dead bodies were promptly autopsied and their brains extracted and given over to Science.

Josef Kohl, CEO of the Neurological Research Institute of Heidelberg University where initial tests were done, could not account for the disappearance of the brains. They might have been moved to make way for other organs and finally burned, he said, but he would not rule out theft.

Now the brain of Ulrike Meinhof has unexpectedly reappeared in the possession of a Frankfurt-based medical pathologist who insisted on anonymity. According to the pathologist, Meinhof's 1962 brain surgery in which a benign lesion was excised generated her transformation from a talented, ambitious journalist to co-founder and intellectual leader of the revolutionary Red Army Faction, which spread fear across West Germany in the '70s into the 1980s, after her death.

The anonymous pathologist told a news conference on Tuesday that he gained possession of the brain in 1997 after applying for permission to examine it. Previously it was held by a Stuttgart neurologist named Muehl who had conducted the autopsy after her "suicide."

The RAF carried out a campaign of killings and bombings against leading industrial figures, several of whom had been influential Nazis in the Third Reich.

The anonymous pathologist's involvement came to light last week when Meinhof's twin daughters in a lawsuit insisted that their mother's brain had been removed without the family's permission.

Meinhof's daughters also filed a criminal complaint against the anonymous pathologist, accusing him of disturbing the peace of the dead. They are seeking to have the brain buried with their mother's remains in Berlin.

The latest revelations further suggest that the medical authorities had a morbid fascination with the revolutionary killers.

An unauthorized plaster death mask of Andreas Baader had evidently been made by one of the anonymous pathologist's medical team and he — or someone — had mixed his own semen with the plaster.

The anonymous pathologist claims not to know who was responsible. German authorities were said to be conducting DNA tests to uncover which of the anonymous pathologist's medical team's semen was involved in Baader's death mask.

Andreas Baader was a telegenic Brando-type bad boy who turned to political terrorism for the methamphetamine-like rush it gave.

The news of the plaster and semen death mask of Andreas Baader comes amid official concerns that a series of recent videos about the violent '70s have portrayed the terrorist killers as pop icons.

Celebrations of revolutionary violence unsettle German authorities who claim to be always on the lookout for a resurgence of Nazism.

Prosecutors are now examining documents from the time of Meinhof's death to establish how her brain came to be preserved for 30 years and whether any offence was committed.

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