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Mother Palestine
by Harold Jaffe

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(Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2005)

     Tell me, why do they do this?

     Why do they blow up your house?
     To root out fanatical Muslim insurgents.

     My son is twelve years old.

     Brown children living in desert climates grow fast.
     If they are Muslim zealots they grow fast and violent.

     Toddlers are instructed to hate and inflict murder on the greatest number while shattering themselves.
     After their martyr's death they are reassembled and granted bountiful rewards in the Islamic afterworld.
     So the fanatical doctrine decrees.


     In mother Europe, not so long ago, every Jew, young or old, was thought to be a Communist or a traitor.
     Today every Arab is an insurgent.
     In his own country.
     They claim the insurgents use the small houses on the perimeter to shoot at their troops.

     My son goes to school.
     He does not shoot guns.

     They claim that when the fanatical insurgents are not shooting, they pray to Allah.
     When they are not praying they throw stones.
     A stone well-placed can penetrate an armored bulldozer.
     Penetrate an advancing tank.
     Bring down a helicopter gunship.
     When the fanatical insurgents are not throwing stones they are digging tunnels from the small houses on the perimeter to the command and control sector in the refugee camp's interior.

     Is that what we have become in our own land?

     They claim the insurgents are using the tunnels to smuggle weapons from the Egyptian border to the Gaza refugee camp.
     Even as they themselves were not so long ago despised refugees in their own towns and cities throughout mother Europe.

     They demolished our home and everything my family has ever had.
     Now we have nothing.

     Not so long ago they were sealed into "ghettos" in mother Europe.
     Those not murdered were packed into cattle cars and transported to the death camps.
     Now they claim that after the massive demolitions their army engineers will dig a deep moat between the Gaza perimeter and the Egyptian border.
     The combination of the massive demolitions of Palestinian homes and the deep moat lining the border will create a "new reality" on the border between Gaza and Egypt.
     Those Palestinians who manage to get to Egypt for whatever reason will not be permitted back in Gaza.


     Not so long ago Propaganda Minister Goebbels proclaimed the commencement of a "new reality."
     Goebbels was the libidinous smaller half of the Goering & Goebbels vaudeville duo.
     Mammoth, pink Goering, Air Minister of the Luftwaffe, opium eater. "Fat Pink," as he was called behind his back, gleefully played the horse's ass.
     Goebbels with his pointed snout played the horse's head.
     They were the Nazi equivalent of Laurel and Hardy, whom we viewed in the darkened movie theaters and laughed at during that bleak, irreal time.

     I do not understand.

     The so-called buffer zone separating your "camp" from the engagement area at the border is currently 200 meters wide.
     The assaulting forces plan to widen it to 300 meters.
     Which means demolishing homes which are relatively interior, already separated from the engagement area, uninvolved in the insurgency.

     Why can't they leave us in peace?

     Collective punishment, Mother.
     They call it defensive strategy.
     It could be they intend to annex Gaza.
     Not so long ago in mother Europe the sovereign nation of Austria was annexed.
     Smug Habsburg Vienna, with its Mozart, Ringstrasse, bulbous baroque monuments to smugness and rich pastries with cream-every last morsel sucked into the Nazi swirl.
     Already set in motion was the million-fold genocide they called the "final solution."

     Who called?
     The Israelis?

     The Nazis, Mother.
     I'm unearthing pertinent recent history.
     Though it occurred on a different continent.
     Like the pendulum of a giant clock, before enforced digitalization, I'm lurching back and forth in time, from continent to bleeding continent.
     In the three and a half years since the Intifada, Amnesty International estimates that the assaulting forces have demolished more than 3000 Palestinian homes.
     Tens of thousands left homeless.
     They--the assaulting forces--call it defensive strategy.


     Now the assaulting forces intend to seal off your camp to prevent insurgents from slipping out among the fleeing civilians.
     Non-combatants like yourself who have had their small houses demolished.
     It is much harder to flee now that their army has broken up the only road with bulldozers.
     It will be almost impossible to cross the border into Egypt once the deep moat is in place.

     We will not cross into Egypt.
     Our home is here.

     They claim that the massive demolitions do not represent "ethnic cleansing."
     Nor was European Jewry vermin even when branded and sealed into ghettos throughout much of mother Europe.

     This is not Europe.

     With respect, Mother, it is and it isn't.
     Not so long ago the human disease took hold in the European continent and metastasized with unimaginable rapidity.
     The center collapsed, the world was sucked irresistibly into the swirl.
     Black, sightless.
     Now and here the center has collapsed again.

     God is our center.
     Our faith in our God.


     Is there no one to help you and your family?
     No UN-sponsored agency?
     No International Red Cross?

     There are too many of us now homeless.
     With nothing.
     We must help each other.

     Where do you and your family sleep?

     It is just my husband and me.
     We sleep in a small tent near our mosque.
     Tents with families from demolished homes you see in and around all the mosques.


     Is your son arrested?

     Thank God, no.
     I sent him to my brother in Jordan.
     If he was here they would arrest him.
     Or murder him.

     They claim the arrests and assassinations are purely defensive.
     To protect their troops and army posts from fanatical suicidal terrorists.
     Demonstrate a firm hand to the insurgents who are also the terrorists.
     Do what needs to be done to maintain a fragile peace in the area.

     Peace we had before they came and murdered our children.
     Demolished our homes.

     They claim the massive demolitions are not war crimes.
     That they have nothing to do with "ethnic cleansing."
     Nor did "Kristallnacht" in 1938, the violent assault on Jewish-owned shops and businesses, the smashing of the windows of those establishments, the beatings and execution of the Jewish inhabitants.

     They have demolished our homes.
     Now we have nothing.

     Permit me to tell you something, Mother.
     The cattle cars, the so-called concentration camps, the sinister medical experiments, the ovens, the massive pyramids of shoes, the million-fold genocide, the final solution.
     It is a lie perpetrated by Zionists and fellow travelers.
     You've heard the Zionist slogan: Never Again.
     It is a fabrication, a lie.
     A "chosen people" perpetuating their own tragic myth.
     Among other things, it validates Jewish chronic mass hysteria.
     The Holocaust, with a capital "H", never happened, you see.
     And so long as we possess memory it will never happen among civilized nations.

     We have nothing.

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